Mar. 10th, 2012

nightshade1972: (Default)
Christ, not again.

I'm an active member of the online Undernet IRC community. One of my friends there gave me the happy news that her son has just gotten engaged. She's had some difficulty with her son in the past--he's rather rebellious and headstrong, and he's had several serious car accidents. So what does a mutual friend of ours say when she announces her son's engagement?

"Engaged? he obviously needs his head examined... probably damaged his brain in the last wreck!"

This is the second time this week that I've commented on how much I hate the "what are you, brain damaged?" remark, usually meant to be synonymous to "what are you, stupid?" Calling someone stupid isn't nice, regardless of how you say it. And this remark, coming on the heels of Whatshisname the alleged "comedian" who would make "jokes" about "waterhead retards" in his act...this bullshit HAS TO STOP. NOW. IT'S NOT FUNNY. WE ARE EMPHATICALLY NOT AMUSED!!!!!!!!!!
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