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Which is effectively the response I got from the GI doc's nurse.

Yes, the results are in.  It appears there's nothing wrong with me from a GI perspective, but the "fluid-filled sac" in my lower right quadrant appears to be left over from a very old right-sided VP shunt placement I had as an infant.

I had my first shunt put in when I was three weeks old.  At five weeks old, I almost died from peritonitis.  That's an infection where the lining of the abdomen becomes inflamed.  In my case, the most likely cause is the introduction of my shunt, which my body perceived as a "foreign object".  At the time of the infection, they switched me from a left-sided VP shunt to a right-sided VP shunt.  When that one failed, they went back to a left-sided placement until July '04.

The scan showed "that I didn't have ascites, just fluid collection" (hence the title of my post).  So the GI chick doesn't think there's anything wrong with me from a GI perspective, but I need to follow up with both my neurologist and my GP. Oh, and she thinks I might have kidney stones forming in my right kidney, which means I need to see a nephrologist as well.

To be continued...
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