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I don't have a text plan on my cellphone anymore (thanks Paternal Unit...not).  And I hate calling people I don't know, or don't know well.  And it pisses me off that our landline answering machine message clearly states "we screen our calls, please leave a message"...yet most people don't.  There have been several numbers that show up regularly on our Caller ID, but without a corresponding message on our machine.  If they think I'm gonna call them back when I have no effing clue who they are, they have another think coming.

So anyway...I much prefer email.  With my neurological issues it can sometimes take me a bit longer than normal to find the words to express what I want to say.  With email, I can sit there and think about it until the right word comes to me.  In conversation, my friends are perfectly patient, and often they'll jump in while we're talking and say "Oh, you mean (word)?" and that's fine.  But in front of casual acquaintances/strangers, who don't know my situation, I hate looking like an idiot.  So email is by far my preferred method of communication.
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