Apr. 8th, 2010 04:58 pm
nightshade1972: (Default)
First, a picture of the kleenex box I made for hubby's cousin.  It's designed for a rectangular kleenex box, the kleenex comes out through the "chimney".  The "flowers" are blue wooden beads, and the front door is accented with black embroidery floss and a metallic gold bead for the "knob".

Second, a picture of the sweater I crocheted for hubby's aunt.  The sweater is a sort of light sage green color, it's hard to tell how well that shows up in the picture:

Here's a closeup of what the buttons look like:

And these are our cats:

Caitlin, a female mitted sealpoint ragdoll:

Simba, a male bluepoint Siamese:

And our newest addition, Hobbes, a male lynxpoint.  He's mitted like a ragdoll, but he doesn't have the "floppy" quality which gives ragdolls their name, so although he has the "points" like a Siamese/ragdoll, he may just be an exceptionally beautiful mutt :-)

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