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She's having chest pains, and the last time she was in the hospital (early Nov) they put three stents in her left anterior descending artery.

The basic problem with her, other than that, is that she has high blood pressure anyway, for which she's medicated to the gills.  When she has to go in the hospital, that doesn't help.  Then she thinks they can't possibly want to keep her overnight, then she's surprised they want to keep her more than one day.  So when they announce, early in the morning, that she's ready to go home, she thinks that means Right This Second, so she gets excited...and her BP goes up.  Then they tell her she can't go home until it goes down.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  When they told her last time that she was ready to go home, they told her at 7 in the morning, and we didn't leave the hospital until after five that evening.  Surprised the hell outta her--didn't surprise me at all.

Anyway, any good thoughts you could spare would be much appreciated.  Thanks!
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