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The bitch has some nerve, I'll give her that.  Either she knows what the Fraternal Unit did, and doesn't care, or she doesn't know but still thinks there's a snowball's chance in hell I'd want to friend her.

That's right, sports fans.  The Maternal Unit actually sent me a friend request on Facebook.  Given what the Fraternal Unit did to me, and what she's always done to me, that takes some serious chutzpah.

On that note...I went to my gradeschool reunion this past weekend.  Only two other people from my class were there (it was technically a "seventies/eighties reunion", which covered more than just our class).  One of them was my best friend from back then.  When I told her I no longer spoke to my family, she didn't express the least surprise.  Since she hasn't seen the Parental Units since we were both eleven years old, that should tell you something.

"Family are the people you choose, and who choose you."
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I can't count on my biological family for anything except emotional abuse/blackmail.  I can count on my husband, inlaws, and my MIL's extended family to lay down their collective lives for me if they had to.  That's all I could ever ask of anybody.
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