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I just ordered two counted cross-stitch patterns from this website:

*After* I placed the order, I realized, from further reading on the website, that they print their patterns in black and white.  With my vision issues, I have a hard enough time reading some color charts.  Black and white is that much worse.  Depending on the size of the squares on the graph, the symbols tend to "swim together" in my field of vision, making it hard to tell what stitches are in which colors.

I immediately emailed the website to tell them so.  I asked if there was any way possible for them to at least enlarge the black and white pattern so it would be big enough for me to read more clearly.  I frankly expected them to either ignore me, or contact me to tell me "sorry, no can do".

Imagine my surprise when I received an email telling me they'd enlarge the patterns I ordered, *and* print them in color for me!

I've never ordered anything from this vendor before.  Depending upon the quality of the patterns, I may be ordering a lot more from them in the near future--if only because they went so far out of their way to make things easier for me. 

I would encourage anyone with relatives or friends in the military, or anyone with an interest in counted cross stitch, to visit their site.  They have patterns for all four branches of the military, NASA, Homeland Security, etc.  Really neat stuff, and the patterns themselves aren't that expensive.  My only criticism of their site is that I don't see anywhere you can simply download a pattern for immediate access--you have to pay shipping for them to send it to you.
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