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Jesus H motherfucking christ on a goddamn silverplated popsicle stick!

Ever since I discovered that my former neurosurgeon relocated to Colorado without notifying me, I've been trying to find a new neurosurgeon.  We were told that a specific doctor had taken over my guy's pts when my guy left town.  I've been trying ever since to get an appt with the new guy.

Hubby has most of this week off, so I tried to call to set up an appt last week.  They didn't get back to me until today.

"Do you have an aneurysm?" No.

"Is this an emergency situation?" No.  For chrissake, if it was, I'd be calling 911, you idiot!

"Are you an established pt of his?" Not exactly...I explain the situation.

"Well, in that case, he's really not interested in seeing new pts.  He feels that 'getting to know you' visits take too much time away from the trauma pts, and his established pts."


As I tried to explain, I'd much rather have an established relationship with a neurosurgeon, than spontaneously go into shunt failure (which is usually how that happens, it's not a gradual process), show up at the ER, and hope that whoever the neuro on call is knows how to do shunt revisions. 

And that whole "trauma" statement was just weird.  When I'm in full-blown shunt failure, I'm either passed out, or very close to it.  Which is to say, in no condition to give a clear and concise medical history.  Much as I love my husband, he's only known me 8.5 years, he's not gonna be able to fill in all the blanks in that kind of situation.  So the new guy only wants to see me in an emergency, when I can't talk to him? Huh?

No dice, he's still not interested.  Oh well.  Guess I can cross him off my list....

ETA:  Thanks to everyone who replied, for giving me some really good suggestions.  I emailed New Guy's office directly, and I also emailed Old Guy's office in Colorado.  I explained what New Guy's office had told me about him not wanting to accept new pts.  I emailed Old Guy's office basically asking them if they might be willing/able to grease the skids a little.  New Guy's office emailed me this morning (Tues 4/17), and I just got off the phone with Old Guy's office in Colorado.  I must say, I'm very impressed that Old Guy's office actually *called*.  Old Guy is apparently out of town, but the lady I spoke to, his PA, promised that she'd discuss this with him when he got back, and they'd try to send me some local recommendations.  When New Guy's office responded to my email, they basically said "we're sorry you had difficulty, we're gonna tell all this to New Guy's office manager to see how she wants to handle it".  So, progress, of a sort...

ETA 2:  Just got off the phone with the office manager at New Guy's office.  She apologized profusely for what I'd been told.  She said New Guy is certainly willing and able to see Old Guy's pts, and totally understands the need for a "getting to know you" visit before an emergency happens.  I have an appt for this Mon (4/23).
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