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We've had a very nice weekend with several of hubby's friends.  I knew it was too good to last...

The Maternal Unit called (a call which I stupidly returned, later) while we were out to dinner.  She cloaked the call in the guise of being worried about my MIL.  Apparently when they last spoke, my MIL told her she was back to taking all her old meds, which is precisely what the docs at both the hospital and the skilled-care place told her *not* to do.


We saw my inlaws yesterday.  My MIL started off on some tangent about how I was supposed to take home some  tupperware or something that my mother had apparently brought over (filled with food of some sort, one assumes) when they last got together.  They both had the rather strange idea that I'm apparently supposed to be the conduit to allow for the return of the dishes to the Maternal Unit.  I told my MIL no, the Maternal Unit's a big girl.  If she wants her stuff back, she knows where to find it.  There's absolutely no reason to get me involved, particularly since, as I've noted here many times, I have no desire to ever see or speak to the Maternal Unit again.

So anyway, the call.  The Maternal Unit gets over her concern for my MIL pretty quickly, and asks me if I have her dishes.  I told her my MIL still had them, and if she wanted them back that's where she'd find them.  Horrified, she says "But one of the dishes I gave them was good Corningware! What if I never get that back?"  I said "Not my problem...".  It really is kinda pathetic that the Maternal Unit thinks all she has to do is offer to buy me lunch and I'll jump at the chance to bask in her presence.  I will admit, on occasion that's useful, like if there's a mall trip involved.  But to needlessly involve me over some dishes she's more than capable of retrieving on her own? Um, no.

At least it appears that the "dry spells" between her contacting me/getting pissed off/contacting me again are getting longer each time.  The bitch has a pretty steep learning curve, for sure, but at least it's there.
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