Mar. 11th, 2012

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I have been informed, via Facebook (to which I crossposted my last entry), that "my reaction to the comment was 40 times worse" than the original comment about how the desire to become engaged equates to being "brain damaged".  The person who originally made the "engagement = brain damaged" comment "liked" that response. 

I may have to rethink my position about considering either of them friends, and about my thinking the original offender wasn't necessarily *trying* to be an asshole, his statement just came across that way.  Both of these alleged gentlemen have known me for pretty much the entire 15 years I've had an online presence.  It's not hard to see that, on Facebook, the vast majority of groups or pages I belong to relate to hydrocephalus.  I do not, therefore, understand why it's so difficult for even my non-disabled friends to see why I might find comments like that so hurtful.

The vast majority of my able-bodied friends are incredibly nurturing and supportive, for which I owe them a debt of gratitude I can never come close to repaying.  That's why it hurts just that much more when two of the people whom I thought were my friends want to drag out the "it's just words, grow a thicker skin" argument.  Why do I need to learn to be less sensitive, when it was your lack of sensitivity in the first place which caused me to get upset?
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